Friday, 31 May 2013

Travel Diary: The Last Few Days

Oooh, it's much busier in the big smoke! We've been staying in Brooklyn, loving everything about New York! I have SO many photos I've just quickly picked a few 'outside' shots for you... and we're SERIOUSLY having to come back because there's just so much to do here and so much to see ... especially so many people to catch up with! We know more people living here than other parts of the USA, so we've had lots of social engagements and lotsa laughs!

Between Husbie and I we take most photos of ourselves and Baby Darling... but of different scenic shots... we're not doing the biggest touristy things here in NYC, just living and keeping things simple! It's a great city to be with Baby Darling, but the bigger spaces with crowds and lines of people just isn't as comfy for him. He's only 8 months, so waiting around is confusing!

We're back next week, so I'll catch up soon! Hope you've been well! xoxo

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