Monday, 24 June 2013

A Large Appetite

I thought once Baby Darling started eating food along with his breastmilk, my appetite would wane... but it hasn't! I'm still hungry at mealtimes, and in need of carbs (sometimes eating double what Husbie would eat) and I needn't remind you that I'm only 4 eleven and Husbie is 5 eleven. UM YEH!

But, luckily, as I'm so busy moving around with Baby Darling, keeping him happy (hello new life as a children's entertainer!) & babywearing him; I haven't lumped on the weight, it's all kind of stayed the same. AND, it's still a good reminder to eat healthy, right? But I'm also pleased that I'm back into yoga again too!

We ate a LOT in Park Slope, Brooklyn - LOVED the little eateries, and cafes, and bagel shops! Lots of people have asked us, since we returned to Melbs, if we could find good food... but we could - in most places - if we planned ahead! I was kinda expecting lots of heavy foods (you know, burgers & chips - Americana style) but even some of the modern diners had VERY healthy delish options! We loved a place called R&D in Santa Monica and lots more!

(I'm not sure I've EVER loved food more as a pregnant & breastfeeding person!)

Happy Monday! (I'm excited because I've got all my Melissa Shoes, and took photos this weekend! YAY can't wait to show you what I chose!)

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