Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Post Travelling Blues

Two weeks ago I was in Central Park! Baby Darling was having a play and roll around on the grass, and I was checking if I had a coldsore (by taking a photo, of course)... Husbie was watching Star Trek down in Lincoln Centre.

I love filling up my head with new places, new maps and names of streets and local lingo... so I do make a good traveller and have always been proud to navigate new cities (even before iphones were around, it was a breeze)... so we only went the wrong way once around Bleeker (I think it was) subway! I love my sense of direction!

Now that we're back, and it's winter here in Melbourne, things are a little boring and grey. I amused myself last week in stocking up on all the best flat whites in the west of Melbs, just to relish in what was maybe the worst part of America. I just don't get the drip coffee or pour coffee, as black percolated stuff isn't for me, so it was rare to find a flat white and we settled for some OK cafe lattes around the place! Of course, coffee is very personal so for my tastes, the best flat white in California was at The Refinery, and in Brooklyn as we stayed in Park Slope, we were a bit obsessed by Parco up on 7th! So there was good coffee, but we just had to dig around and find it.

I honestly can't remember what I was going to write to you about today, but as I'm sitting here drinking my own morning coffee, I got completely sidetracked! And now Baby Darling is calling!

Love to you, xoxo

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