Saturday, 22 June 2013

Testing Baby Trousers

Happy Weekend!

Before we went away on our USA trip I made Baby Darling a couple of pairs of trousers, from stretch fabric, so I guess they're more like leggings! This fabric is leftover from last year's stretch pregz fash dress and what I wore on my last day of work!

For these trousers, I lay down a pair of Bonds baby trousers (that had no middle seam, just the side seams and around the inner legs) and cut out two pieces that look like very tall bridges... then sewed the sides, and inner legs, and cut little pieces for the ankles & the waistband, but just used elastic on the waistband. Very easy and very quick... it only uses up half a metre of fabric (maybe less) as well. Baby Darling's legs have gotten a little longer, so these are great with such skinny ankle bits as they stay down... a lot of the baggier trousers we have just creep up when he's moving around!

What are you doing for the weekend? It's a fantastic sunshiney few days for us here in Melbourne... but very cold in the mornings and night. Tonight our Mother's Group has planned a night out at our new local pub! Very exciting! I have spent the last few days expressing milk for Baby Darling, so I'm looking forward to it!


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