Wednesday, 19 June 2013

What I Wore: 11 degrees

One day we were in New York, it was 11 degrees. (AKA 51 degrees F). It was the most vivid weather forecast I'd seen (well, Melbourne can be a bit diverse too) as the following week was mid 30s!

But that Saturday in Manhattan (we were lunching at Beauty & Essex in the Lower East Side) I dressed for the cold as best as I could (with & without Baby Darling) and my NYC pose above is in ode to Nick Wooster, the snazziest chappy I've seen around. We walked past Katz Deli and smugly turned our collars up as the tourists waited in a very long line around the corner, and met our friends (Brooklyn locals who are official 'foodies') pretending we knew how cold it could get in NYC.

I *am* wearing a black mini skirt, but my Melbourne Black creates an illusion for you! And these are my first official fashion sneakers, on sale approx $60 in San Diego and they are a re-release of a limited style and also came with gold laces. I love gold right now! (I know *nothing* about sneakers, kicks or joggers, and especially don't know what to wear them with, but they are COMFY!)

Since I've been back in Melbourne living up my Mamalyf, I've been wearing my sneakers nonstop! They're the best! Who'd have thought? Another fashion backflip!


Aren't I living on the edge!?


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