Saturday, 15 June 2013

What I Wore: Short Shorts in the USA

YAY, now that we're back from holidays, I thought I'd document (for me, mostly, but you can squizz!) what I wore comfortably overseas because WA-HEY it's totally different to the things I'd wear day to day here at home before Baby Darling was born. AND for the first time a lot of it is NOT handmade (but unavoidable really; no time, no sewing mojo - AKA SEWJO), so this is an era of change for me style-wise and I guess.. I'M OK with it. What can I do? Conjur up an extra 2 days a week for sewing? NOT spend time with my big bundle of joy? Nup, when I need clothes, I buy them. More often than not at the Goodwill, but sometimes at the Factory Outlet in LA.

So, short shorts. These denim beauties are actually about 8 years old, I bought them for some reason ... and they're probably from Target and could be from the kids section. They were VERY good to wear walking around sightseeing because you can sit around in any old fashion and sometimes when you are wrestling a baby and wearing a mini dress... you get the idea!

And I probably don't need to add that I wear 2 pieces now (instead of the staple dress, all in one wear!) because I'm still nursing. (I say "nursing" now instead of breastfeeding because that's what they say in the States - LOL) EASY ACCESS. I've noticed that Baby Darling is starting to need milk less during the day, maybe he's distracted or just growing (he's 9 months tomorrow) so in terms of day wear fashion, I could probably start wearing dresses again. Maybe by the end of the year, I'll be frolicking around in my frocks again? Who knows!

Anyways, short shorts are a total WIN for travelling in the USA!

Today's photos are (from top to bottom): on the streets of the darling Park Slope in Brooklyn, New York! I bought the baggy tshirt from a vintage shop in Santa Monica. And sitting on a lovely set of seaside apartments in San Diego (I think it was Mission Beach maybe? Pacific Beach?) after a big walk along the waterfront. I adored the manicured gardens in California, just gorgeous!


Happy Weekend!

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