Monday, 17 June 2013

What I Wore: Trousers (AKA Leggings)

There's a lotta ill will toward leggings. I'm sure you've heard 'Where's Your Skirt?' around a few years ago, when lots a fashion peeps started wearing leggings and close fitting (on occasion, sheer) tights and maybe stockings without dresses or tops long enough or skirts to cover their bums. And as a NON-trouser wearer, I wouldn't dream of wearing leggings, or tights without skirts and dresses. I needed coverage (and amplified roundness please - I have a flat bum usually) because I didn't want to show my front bum or my back bum!

BUT then I had a baby.

And leggings are by far the easiest, non-thinking and fun part of my wardrobe right now. I call myself Sporty Posh Spice (because it's sometimes a bit of a mix!), but I could just be plain old Mummy Spice. I don't know if I'll wear them further than our breastfeeding days, but for now I'm not going to hide my snazzy 'trousers'. These are my favourites: artpants above (in the Upper East Side of Manhattan), graphic artpants below (in our Hotel in San Fran) and my new Humbug legs (bought from H&M in LA and worn here in Park Slope, Brooklyn).

I have a pattern (cut from an op shopped pair of leggings) and have just made one plain purple pair (haven't blogged them yet) ... that were ok, but I need to work on the elastic band waistline. So if I get more groovy stretch fabric, I'll certainly try to make another pair.

For most of my stylish existence (perhaps only 10 years now, I wasn't too pleased with my fash before I could sew) these leggings are the biggest backflip fashion I've ever made/done... have you loathed leggings or loved them sick?

Have you done a fashion backflip? Sworn you'd never try something, and then backflipped into it with glee (like me!?) ??


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