Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hair: Blue Phoenix


I LOVE getting my hair done, especially when it's a 10 minute walk from my house!

As Mama Lyf continues for me, I find it a great time to explore my local community. I've lived in the West of Melbs for over 3 years now, but work in the city... so being a Mama who works mainly at home this year, I've been out and about like CRAZY and loving Melbs, especially the WEST! Part of my blog refocus is to show you some parts of Melbourne that you don't usually see, the real life parts (of course!) and living in the west is sometimes a bit different from the inner city Melbourne you know so well. We're around 8km from the city centre, but because of the Docklands and the old shipping yards, it feels much further away than Coburg, yet it's closer! There's less gentrification (but it's on it's way) than other inner city life, and it's so flat and so spacious!

I found myself looking for a local hairdresser when my darling Corinne in Brunswick shut up shop to become a full time mother of two... and stumbled into Blue Phoenix Hair Design in Essex Street, West Footscray earlier this year! And they are just as darling!

Husbie was home when I got back from my new do this week, so I handed him the camera quick smart! Angeli and Alicia have made me and my baby very welcome and I love myself sick this week because of my 'update'! They're very good at colour & blowdrying (AMAZING work Alicia!) and Angeli is a local westie through and through! So yep, they're a 10 minute walk for me AND they're right by West 48, another great local business!

See, totally loving myself sick right now. Some days, my eyes feel like they're falling out of my head and my arms are aching from all that baby lifting... and with a flick of my locks I can feel SO MUCH BETTER. I said to the girls that I don't want my hair to look 'Mumsy', and that brighter is better... I think they tick all the boxes, right?!

But I'm not sure of what this colour is? Champagne? Icey Champagne? Martini? Frozen Martini? WHAT? Do I need a stiff drink or what? (Baby Darling has teeth, with lots more coming! 10 month olds don't get molars now, right?)

xoxo to you! And thanks Angeli & Alicia at Blue Phoenix!

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