Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Sew Weekly Reunion 2013


We're getting nostalgic around here, as along with my sewing friends Adey, Sarah & Debi - we are excited to announce The Sew Weekly Reunion of 2013!

If you're new to the sewing blogging world, or like hearing about recaps, The Sew Weekly was Mena's  wonderful creation that brought together lots of sewing fans & creators from around the world. Mena sewed for 52 weeks in 2010 to establish the Sewing Weekly vibe, and invited us four contributors to join her in 2011! Together we set themes, fabric ideas and garment choices and sewed up a storm! It was so much fun and a lot of hard work! Last year over 100 contributors joined The Sew Weekly and now we're hosting The Sew Weekly Reunion for 2013!

And you can sew with us! If you like sewing! If you don't like it as much, you'll be seeings lots of blog chatter about it and I'm sure enjoying the creations and fash! There's a button:

The Sew Weekly Reunion

YAY for buttons!

I loved sewing each week, even though it was hectic, and you can browse through my creations here on Mena's blog or here on my blog! When I tell people IRL what I did for 2011, they are like WHUT!? They can't believe it! I'm sure if you contributed to the 2012 you'll know people's reactions well!

So I can't remember what's going to happen now!? Um, I think you should register your interest via the new The Sew Weekly Reunion page! And then wait to hear more cool things! (Can you tell I'm excited but not doing any of the organising thanks to Mama Lyf?!) (P.S Thanks Adey & Debi for being legends!)

Here's a few of my all time fave Sew Weekly posts, just to get you in the mood!

Oh boy, I made a lot of things!


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