Thursday, 18 July 2013

Tossing Up Blog Ideas

Wow, Baby Darling must be doing some growing today, as he's had 3 naps and still going on his third one right now! I've just done some internet catch ups, spruced up the blog a bit and actually wrote some ideas down!

So yep, after a bit of googling around... the main reason we blog (and blog well I guess) is we are passionate about a subject and then you kinda get on a roll. It's just like writing, right? They say 'write about what you know' etc and as I'm not a professional writer, who knows if this is right, right. (*shuddering* at my ridiculous LOL there)

BUT, I love writing my blog and THANK you for understanding my confusion and refocus and all that. Of course I'm not going to stop sewing or creating, but yep, it's just what to write about when I'm not sewing... or when I'm striving to sew. I'll always strive to sew as I'm a Positina Turner who strives at everything... EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE RIGHT?

OK, so these are some of the things I'm passionate about (above piccie in my own writing - wow, is my handwriting tricky to understand?):

Melbourne Places - I love my town, so maybe I'll write about it!

Pregs Fash - Zoe and I had a big email chat recently because - YAY She's Pregz - DIY maternity is tricky but good when you find the right patterns for petite mummies. I have lots of thoughts!

Mama Lyf - because you know, I'm living it and am super interested in feminist parenting approaches and just generally loving being a Mum!

But when I kept writing ideas up - and there's a page two of notes as well WOW - I kept writing "No Frills". If I write about what I'm passionate about, I think I'm into real life inspiration & lifestyle blogging... not the 'white walls' style I've mentioned where everything is just perfect and photographic! So I'm hoping this no frills and no glamour is part of my new approach here and there... Of course, I love taking photos, and tend to have a nice style of photographing things (I THINK SO!?) but I'm going to try and be modest and show my reality as well... so we'll see. But you get me right? Some lifestyle and fashion bloggers show glimpses of themselves and that 'perfection' isn't real to me.

OK - so Baby Darling is STILL sleeping! Better sit around looking at blogs, UHOH I mean get dinner ready for us!

xoxo to you

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