Monday, 22 July 2013

Upside Down Baby Trousers

Happy Monday!

Another completed set of Baby Trousers! They take less than half an hour to make from cutting to finishing, but still takes me a few days! I'm testing out how the photos look from my iphone, as I've been using photo stream/icloud thingie, and means less plugging in of cords and loading photos... I even took these photos inside and they're pretty clear!

They are very simple, an upside down U really, and you leave a space for the waistband but sew up the sides and the underleg bit... exactly like these test trousers! I bought the stretch knit fabric from Spotlight and made a pair of trousers for Baby Darling's best friend's 1st Birthday. But I cut this pair for him first, not realising of course that the fabric had a top and a bottom... as you can see the boats are upside in this pair! I recut another pair (the right way up) for the little birthday boy, and finished these ones over the weekend for our boy.

When I'm in a hurry, I don't cut the threads properly. Obviously!

They fit ok over his cloth nappies (they create a bigger bum) as there's not enough stretch in the fabric... but next time he's wearing disposies, I'll try them again. He's wearing them today even though they're slipping off his bum, so cute!


**** EDIT ****

OMG, just realised how wonky they look in the top photo! I think they're matching leg lengths, for some reason not in the piccie! WHOOPS!

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