Sunday, 21 July 2013

What a Blow Out!

Back when I was in the States, I discovered Dry Bar after talking to my LA living friend... we were out for brunch and I grumbled about my hair and how tricky it'd be to find a hairdressing appointment on a Saturday in LA... and she was like "If you just need a Blow Out, go to Dry Bar!" and it was as easy as calling them up, they found the nearest Dry Bar to me in Santa Monica and a few hours later I was casually sipping champagne as my hair was washed and blow dried out.

They just do blow outs! No cutting or colouring! Just blow outs!

Now if you're American, this might be old news, but for me... I was AMAZED and totally in love with this concept! Maybe I'm just living under rocks, but I'd never heard of hair salons just for blow outs! It's almost like they were invented just for me! Since I've been pin curling and colouring and once a week (sometimes once a fortnight) washing my hair for a while now, I also try not to use the heat of a hairdryer, or flat iron, or hot rollers. Less washing and more natural oils in a coloured & curly head of hair like mine keeps it unhealthy in the best way. More hair stories if you love hearing about it! Hairdressers tell me is the best & healthiest blonde tint they've seen... because my hair takes the colour so well. Or the non colour, as it's taking away the colour and then toning it that creates the blonde colour. So a blow dry every now and again makes my hair just wonderful, not at all dry or brittle or frizzy!

Sometimes in the past year, being pregnant and out of breath or having no time to wash or dry or pin curl with Baby Darling in my arms... I've popped down to my local Vietnamese Hair Salon and they've helped me out... so I was just in love with the concept of Dry Bar! I've since learnt there are several in the city, so there might be an adventure in the CBD some time to check it out!

BUT, I LOVED Sandy in Dry Bar in Tribeca, New York! We went in early on Memorial Day and here I am with my holiday hair! YAY for blow outs!

(Also, in my Australian vernacular, I'd probably say "Blow Dry" instead of "Blow Out", if you're wondering!)

Happy Weekend to you!

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