Sunday, 14 July 2013

What to blog about?

Hi again! I'm going through a bit a blogging backstep at the moment... in that I'm taking a step back from this part of the internet because I kinda run out of time each week to be here, writing to you and then flicking through all my favourite blogs! Sad, but you know how life is, right?

And I guess because I'm not sewing or making anything regularly, or when I do sew there's no time to photograph it... or when I DO photograph it, it stays on my camera or stuck in a file on my computer while all the photos of Baby Darling just get the top priority!

But I do love writing and creating... so if I spend a bit of time thinking & planning, I'm sure I'll come up with a direction for the blog... it's tricky finding focus when I'm not blogging about sewing!

So I guess, my biggest questions at the moment are:

Have you changed direction with your blog before (if you're a blogger!) or seen a blog change direction well? 

What kind of posts are you interested in here, if I'm not talking about sewing? 

I have to remember too, I've been writing about sewing here for over FIVE years (and sewing for over 10 years), so it's understandable to feel a change of focus coming on... Sometimes I flick around new blogs online, and I'm not happy with the 'pretty' & 'white walls' or 'Frankie Magazine' style of blogging that's evolved online... and I just don't feel part of that world of blogging (sometimes that's the inspiration/fashion/design style of blogging). My life is freaking amazing, but blogging every inch of it makes me feel weird... and showing glimpses of it makes me feel like a faux glamorous housewife radio superstar (which in turn makes me feel weird). I just have to find a balance and feel comfortable with it all.

But yeh, we'll see... I found my voice by writing about my passion: sewing! So I'm sure I'll find my new voice! (SO CONFUSING THOUGH).

Thanks for your understanding as I work through my shizz! Love to you!

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