Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A Birthday Thing!

It was my BIRTHDAY on the weekend, and I went to a show at the THEATRE and it was amazing and funny and then Husbie took my photo (like the old days!), but this was the set of razzle dazzle glitter!

Hooray! This birthday was so different to last year, and so different from two years ago (so different, that I can't even recall what I did for my birthday two years ago)... and it's amazing and wonderful growing older and getting to experience so many different things. I loved being in town on Saturday night, being with Husbie and being an adult. I loved just throwing my outfit together (we realised after a busy fun day with family we had half an hour to get ready) and just thinking what the fuck, and being confident in myself. After I'd realised that I look a lot like a theatre character (I also wore my big fluffy coat), one of the Seven Little Australians perhaps with my big clumpy boots (a birthday present from Husbie) and vintage school girl-esque frock and floppy hair bow.

I just love that life keeps giving me new experiences! Even after all this time!

Happy Birthday to all you fellow Virgo Queens and Kings! (And a big nod to all my Leo friends and colleagues, as I'm on the border!)


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