Friday, 2 August 2013

DIY Rainbow Crossing Baby Blanket

Look what I finished finally!? My first knitted baby blanket for my boy!

We absolutely love it, of course, it keeps him lovely and warm! And it's gorgeous yarn from Morris & Sons in the city, a gorgeous shop with super gorgeous staff! And the pattern is from Purl Bee's Super Easy Baby Blanket, and yup, it was super easy... but just needed the time to do it! It's my first time knitting with the circular needles, and they are just GREAT! I've started a cowl already on them too (that I hope to get finished by this winter! One month left to go! Fingers crossed!) as they are just super easy to use once you get your head around them (and not twist the first few rows!).

I first picked up the wool in August last year before I left work, and then probably started it last August, early September and didn't get far until February this year, and I only started the layer of yellow in April... why did it take til June to finish it?! Oh time flies!

Here's the blankie in SITU:

And now since DIY Rainbowing happened earlier this year, I'm calling this blankie my own DIY Rainbow Crossing for all the gays! YAY! Needs more purple to be a fully flown rainbow, but close enough I reckon!

Love to you guys! Hope it's a Happy Friday for you!


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