Monday, 26 August 2013

My Gorgeous Pattern & Notions Swap!

I haven't had much time in my sewing/blogging career to do a sewing swap, and there are always lots going on here... but as The Sew Weekly Reunion has stirred a lot of passion around online, so I was keen to be involved in the swap that Kat set up!

For my side of the swap, I was assigned Toni from Sew Let It Be Done who lives in Salt Lake City in the USA and I had a big hunt through my patterns & (not many notions) for some special things... I found my handmade bias tape & included a little teenage vintage pattern for her daughter and Toni is over the moon happy with the stash! YAY I was nervous!

And in my postbox, I found this DARLING collection from Denise at Dottie Doodle that made me smile all over... perfect patterns, and perfectly coloured notions! Check out those big buttons! ARGH:

Thank you SO much Denise, you are a total sweetheart! She mentioned the blue braid is original 50s/60s as she bought it from a vintage fair, directly from the original owner! Amazing.

As I haven't started my Sew Weekly Reunion creation yet (but have ummed and ahhed about ideas) I'm thinking I'll switch to use that Style 3109 pattern instead... as I like the waistline... I'll see how I go this week, as there's not much time left! ARGH!

Thank you Denise & thank you Kat for organising! And Thanks Toni for all your swap love. How great are swaps? Why haven't I done one sooner?!

Love to you! (It's been a busy time for us, birthdays - MINE - and family stuff and just crazy house stuff and more... I'll try and fill you in, but we'll see!)


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