Thursday, 29 August 2013

Voila: A Crochet Baby Ball

Hello again! Thanks so much for my birthday wishes! Love you guys!

This week, I found some tv time (!) to watch Project Runway (new eps!) and crochet some baby balls... I found this Purl Bee Crocheted Balls tutorial, and loved the simple colours. I love a lot of textured things for baby hands to touch and hold and squish. I added a bell and tried the handstitched cross stitch thingie, and it looks great. This is the second Purl Bee tutorial I've followed (My DIY Rainbow, knitted, baby blanket was the first), and they're amazing to follow, great photos and explanation!

The wool is some sort of cheap Spotlight kind, let me check.... it's called 'Filou' and 100% cotton, and on special for 50c, so I bought a few and if you're having a baby in my friendship group in the next 6 months... guess what your baby is getting? They are so quick to make up, and I need crochet projects at the moment as it's hard to sit for periods at the machine! (Please don't ask me about my Sew Weekly Reunion piece!)

(While googling my own blog, I found my first crochet ball, a little bird from 2009!)

Hope you've been having a great week! I love it here at the moment, mama lyf has been great this week! The weather is warmer and it smells like spring in our streets! Exciting!


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