Monday, 30 September 2013

11 Independent Patterns I'd Like To Sew Right Now!

Having the world's messiest sewing room, the busiest little son and no spare time in my week (before I return to work, but more on that later!), I've been daydreaming about what I would make if I lived in a parallel universe where sewing rooms cleaned themselves.

1. Anna By Hand London: I have bought this - YES! And it's on my desk right now. I'm stroking the purple diamond & dot packaging right at this moment. That doesn't get it made. There's a sew a long for this too, and luckily (unless they've posted more steps) we're just up to tracing and altering the pattern... with a Full Bust Adjustment (yay, or as Julia Bobbin - also a breastfeeder right now - calls it: A Full Breastfeeding Adjustment) as well! Hopefully I'll catch up! Not that I trace patterns anyways, should I?

2. A Very Gathered Skirt - This is a FREE pattern if you sign up for the newsletter at Pattern Runway, and I'd like to be flipping around in this for summer.

3. The Frida Skirt - Another flippy & flicky skirt for summer, this one by the Makers Journal, and I haven't done gathered frill/hem like this for ages, so why not!? I haven't followed the Makers Journal blog before, so will add their shop to my faves on etsy.

4. Belladone Dress - I've seen a few versions of this online and it's just TO DIE FOR. I'm extremely interested in the silhouette as I'm after that streamline look rather than the accentuate the positives of my FBA, if you know what I mean. I also love the Sureau Dress too, but as I haven't bought anything from Deer & Doe pattern makers yet, I might even add a couple more in. That's going to wait for pay day I think!

5. Tiny Pocket Tank - I've love Grainline Studio's patterns for a while, & this tank might be a little old but it'll be new to me, when I buy it to make! I am thinking of replacing a lot of my op shopped tanks/singlets this summer so this is a good one to make a bunch?! I haven't seen it on a fuller bust figure yet, so hoping it could be ok? I made Grainline's dress from the Burda Style Book in 2011!

6. La Sylphide Dress, Blouse & Skirt - UM THREE garments in one pattern? Has anyone sewn this (about to google to find out - oh see Cirque Du Bebe's version on Kollabora!) and can give it a review? I especially love the tiny floral skirt, I didn't really like the look of all the short shorts of Paper Cut patterns previously but I love some of their other things! 

7. The Dress Shirt Pattern - these are good looking patterns, I've heard! They are Merchant & Mills, and by "I've heard" I mean, I've seen one of you sewing bloggers post about their patterns arriving in a tube and I'd love that whole ye olde experience. I love the style of this dress shirt, and especially in time for summer here in Melbs. Again, another pay day purchase!

8. Cocoon Coat - I've NEVER seen these patterns before and there's so many I'd like to make! They're Ralph Pink and just crazy and amazing! Balconette Bras too!

9. All Seasons Coat - by Melbourne based pattern company You Sew Girl! I bought this at G&J's Discount Fabrics and they said the creater Nicole is super lovely and pops into the shop from time to time. They have LOTS more of her stuff and her book too! I thought I'd start a 2014 winter hoodie for my Baby Darling!

10. Billie Jean Dress - I love it all, the neckline, the two skirt options. I'd make a zillion of these, once I get my hands on it! I do like the blouse by Blue Ginger Doll but with my FBA right now, I just don't think it'll suit me & my little body. I'm excited what else Blue Ginger Doll designs though! EXCITED!

11. Cascade Skirt - I'd love the Virginia leggings, but have a selfmade pattern for some already, so back with the flippy summer skirts, please! I love Megan Nielson and have followed her blog since she began online (pretty much!) so again, once pay day comes around I'd love to get this one!


And the very gorgeous A Good Wardrobe has a full list of independent pattern makers if you love to browse the non commercial world of patterns!

Please let me know if you've made any of these patterns, I'd love to daydream about them some more! xoxo

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