Saturday, 28 September 2013

Caught in a Net of a Scarf

My Aunty visited around the time of Baby Darling's birthday, and she's mad for sewing. We live in different states, otherwise I'm sure we'd be in each other's pockets. She helped finish our decorations for our little BD's birthday party and we chatted about so many possible things to make around the house! Especially for little children!

She's currently making children's clothes for a boutique store in Dubbo (And needed unique CHRISTMAS fabric), so we looked up fabrics stores and went on a little trip around Melbourne together. She's completely quilt obsessed (she made our boy & my dad a quilt each) and she's very good at it, so we visited a few patchwork and quilt shops first but struck gold at G & J's Discount Fabric in Brunswick East. 

I don't sew with new fabrics all that often, as my stash is largely op shopped or hand me downs, and my darling friend Adey would attest to this: when I go to new fabric shops I become VERY STUNNED. I feel quite robotic, and numb at the choice of fabric! I don't know what a lot of it is (ie, op shopped fabric is often very straightforward cotton, jersey & maybe some lining type stuff) so I don't know WHERE to look or how to behave.

Now, I *have* been to new fabric stores, but I tend to behave like the 'stunned mullet' or 'rabbit in the headlights' (Sean's Show Reference!) all the time I go in. Luckily I had Aunty Annette with me (and Mum & Dad & BD by this time too) so I PLAYED IT COOL! *ALMOST*

So, my mustard scarf/loop got BEETROOT stains on it, and I stuffed it up trying to clean it, so I decided to make another cool loopy scarf (I still like a little coverage if I'm pulling my top across while breastfeeding here and there, and it keeps the top half warm!) so pretty much I got half a metre of this floaty stuff and voila: A Scarf.

I did sew this one!

My overlocker had red & orange threads due to the baby bunting, so I french seamed it (Or what I thought was french seams!) and then hemmed both ends and it was surprisingly easy to sew with considering it's so floaty and soft.

As I was in confession mode with my Aunty, I told her I never changed my needle and I took loads of other shortcuts in sewing. She teaches classes and everyone agrees you should change your needle every 10 hours or sewing or something. And I was like 'I change my needle when it breaks' and she was like 'Thrifty, I guess!'. Yes. 

Melbournites, have you shopped at G&J's before? I bought some other stuff there, I'll share later! And found the You Sew Girl patterns (made in Melbourne) and now I'm really into independent & LOCAL pattern makers! Let me know if you are one! Would love to sew up some patterns and support local business!

Also, I don't wear much make up these days, but I still love a pin curl!


And Happy Grand Final Day!

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