Friday, 6 September 2013

Free Downloads for Lightroom

Nerd alert! You know how I use Lightroom for my photo organisation and processing and importing and filing and just generally everything photo related? I updated to Lightroom 5 recently (we have an Adobe Creative Cloud thingie for my Husbie's work) and there are some new free presets for that version and I thought since they were free, I'd give a big link back to the sites as a thank you, and in case you guys use Lightroom at all and need some new ideas for photos?

The original photo is the first photo here, but I've used a selection of the presets that come with Lightroom 5 and some of the onOne Software ones (there's STACKS from this site) above as well as some from Presets Heaven. Thank you to these sites for making free downloads as Thrifty Mama (ie, me!) loves a little free stuff here and there!

I love the vintage-y looks, with heavy contrast so these filters are so fun to play around with! All these ones here are just a click away, I've not done anything extra to muck around and balance it with my photo or anything... I'm not that tricky... if you know your photography you'll see some overexposure and whatever (look at me, trying to know what I'm on about)... but anyways, even if you don't know your photography, Lightroom is one of the easiest, low fuss (and no pre learning about stuff) photography program. I just love it! Of course there's a LOT of great phone & iPad apps now that do the same stuff. My Husbie loves Snapseed for his colour grading of phone pics... but we all know Instagram & other ones... Twitter has it as well but I don't think the photos look as good as Instagram.

Anyways, thanks again & hooray to free downloads!

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