Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Goodbye Gifted Tartan Skirt

When I was little, I had a best friend (who got me HOOKED on op shopping!) and she gave me this skirt. I remember wearing it as a 'good' outfit (with a green turtlenecked jumper) to fly on my first overseas holiday to New Zealand (and then to the Cook Islands) and I've had it ever since.

During the late 90s I would wear it a lot with my 8 UP Black Docs (of course I did!) and it was a beautiful wool, so it was very warm in a Melbourne winter when I was at uni as well. BUT, it's time to say goodbye... because...

The REASON I've been keeping this skirt is to show how skinny I was and how skinny I am still. CONFESSION TIME!

But you know what? My life is better than that... keeping a piece of clothing to remind myself I'm a certain size... I AM BETTER than that... and I don't need to hold on to clothing that I don't wear just because I'm still as skinny as 14 year old me. But you know what else? It's TIGHT and uncomfortable to wear as well (the wool itches), so I'm never going to wear it again.

So dear friends, in my spring cleaning efforts of the last few weeks, this has got to GO!

YAY, thanks for letting me purge! I don't care what size I am, sewing has helped me realise that I'm a unique size anyways... but there must be a little vain part in my brain that has clutched to what we're 'supposed' to look like as women. So it feels good getting rid of the 'stuff' that adds to that part of my brain. Be gone old little speck of vanity!


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