Saturday, 21 September 2013

Little Things: Make You Feel a Whole Lot Better

Here are some little things that are making me feel great right now:

* Champagne in Springtime (to celebrate a little boy's birthday!) - The real stuff as I am his only mother after all!

* Darling Blogger Fonts and Geek Fairy Buttons (to the right hand side!) & Kira at Her New Leaf's ideas on how to get some social media buttons on my blog! A little update on my blog template make me feel nice! I'd forgotten about these things for a while, so it's nice to change things up! Thanks to lovely free advice & graphics online!

* The Arctic Monkeys and Arcade Fire having new music!

* Lunch with my old and soon to be new work colleagues

* Planning some Adults Only events for the future

* Darling friends who reach out and love our boy

* A little gardening in the sunshine

Hope you're having a gorgeous weekend! I'm feeling very spring-ish right now! Those new beginnings are bubbling!


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