Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mama Lyf: My Boy is a One Year Old

And so time passes, and my boy is now a 1 year old. We celebrated with gorgeous friends and I made a gigantic cake and the little fella is no longer a baby.

Mama Lyf continues to be amazing, and you'd hope so! There's no going back now! I'm sure I've mentioned before, but I wish I had time to write more of my thoughts and experiences down as Baby Darling just grows so quickly and changes so quickly and my mind flips around so quickly...

Personally, I'm in a place now where I can handle a lot more... I feel ready to 'return to work' in a few weeks, whereas even before our overseas holiday, I just couldn't really imagine mothering in the 'real' world... if you know what I mean? I'm really lucky to have all this space and time and a supportive (in a million more ways than financial, I mean here) partner to 'feel' my way through mothering & parenting... to find my 'self' and have all the confidence to give to my baby as well as to look after myself. It will be a change when I return to work, but everything will be as it will be...

Baby Darling himself, is a big healthy boy and has a gorgeous sense of humour. He loves pointing and waving (at people, but mostly birds, trains and bikes), and says 'Ball' the most, but can say 'Tickle', 'Mama' (but mostly 'MAH' when he needs me) and 'Good Dog' but sounds a lot like 'goog good' as aren't G's and D's hard to say? BD (should I just abbreviate him?) can walk a few steps, but decided crawling is better (monkey style) to get around for now... but doesn't refuse a hand to walk around and around and around. Good thing I'm short, I don't need to bend over to grab his hand! He still sleeps with us, with loads of cuddles & nursing time and he's just friendly and caring most of the time. His teeth are growing (he has 6 right now) so have caused him a bit of pain and he's had a couple of colds here and there this winter but breastfeeding has sorted them out quick smart.

I would love to summarise and say 'What I've learnt in a year of having a baby' but how can you ever put into words something so simple and just like life... it's endless, so I could write all the words I've ever said and it still wouldn't sum it up.

My heart is so big, and I love my family so much! xoxo

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