Monday, 9 September 2013

Sew Weekly: Emerald, Turbulence & Vivacious Dress

I made a dress for MYSELF. WHAT?!

Yup, it's for real.

This is a 1971 pattern gifted from my Pattern & Notions Swap Partner, Denise at Dottie Doodle, and as we were sewing with the Pantone fall 2013 Colour Chart, I chose green, grey & the splash of pink (or Emerald, Turbulence & Vivacious for you train spotters) as how crazy is my fabric!

As usual, I wrote all about making it at the Reunion Blog, but it was pretty straightforward sewing, it just took a while over a few days to get it done. My sewing is so sporadic, as usually I sew well in one big hit... the stopping and starting makes me slow on the machine as it takes a bit to get back into the head space... like 'Now, WHERE WAS I?' type of thing!

 This look of filter is 1975 followed by a GRUNGE vignette... looks dreamy & old for me!

I just need a cocktail, right?

Baby Darling was no help during my 'fashion shoot' of course... but he was good at being a cutie little thing:

Man, imagine if I was doing Sew Weekly this year? My head would literally fall off with exhaustion. I'd probably sew, but never photograph anything! You'd just see a bunch of selfies in the backyard!

I'm sure this is just a small phase of my sewing or creating life... I wonder what kind of stuff I'll make or challenges I'll set for myself later on...? It's been hard to stick to my no new clothes goals this year... because of Mama Lyf, I tend to wear the same clothes again and again, so they wear pretty quick... my op shop stuff just gets worn down even faster... Fast Fashion has really taken over even the second hand clothing industry... nothing lasts! Or at least when you wear things down as quickly as I do!

Anyways, I'm sure this is also just a short phase of my shopping life too... at least I'm aware of what I buy and where it's made... the stuff I'm buying new, I'm aiming to give a long life to anyways.. rather than just 'this season'. I don't even really think of seasons as fashion seasons... just normal seasons!

But YAY, love that I made a dress for me! I might wear it when I GO BACK TO WORK IN OCTOBER, we'll see! xoxo

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