Friday, 20 September 2013

The Stash Scarf - No Sew!

During the Sew Weekly Reunion Prep, I pinned a lot. Don't we all pin a bit here and there for inspiration? And something I really loved through my pinning journey, is this image, from Mod Cloth Blog:

A great outfit for the gloomy days here in Melbourne, but I really loved the scarf as well as the colour pop and found a reasonable amount of pink ribbed fabric in my stash to try it out. Of course it's a NO SEW scarf, being about a metre and a half of fabric (by perhaps 50-60cm wide... so it's not as thick as my inspiration lady and her grey one) wrapped around your neck once and then tied at the front:

(Excuse the grubby mirror, proof I have a 1 year old!)

I'm not hugely into wearing it though, (DRATS, as the colour is sweet) as my loopy scarves (see here and here for just a few) & cowls are so much more practical... it's very sweet when it's bunched like this and knotted and STAYS tied... but it just doesn't stay like this all day. I'm constantly bending up and down and lifting a child, so this pink scarf comes undone and then gives me chills.

So unfortunately my NO SEW scarf might turn into a sewn up one soon... might just overlock the ends together to get a big loop going! 

And we've been reorganising our lives (I think we're doing that every weekend right now: just bought a new bed, got rid of our built in wardrobes that were too thin and yukky and changed the bedrooms around a bit) so I've got a new mirror corner for selfies, outfit posts! Of course, I'm not a big outfit post blogger (I forget!) but this is what I wore to playgroup or Mama's Group the other day... I can't really remember! But I got some new boots for my birthday (thanks Husbie)!


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