Wednesday, 23 October 2013

100 Things Update!

I've been making 100 Things quietly, it's a little challenge I've set myself... but as you know I'm slow at creating stuff right now, so I've given myself no deadline and no requirement about what a 'Thing' is... it could be clothing or a piece of crochet, it will more likely be something for Baby Darling... it could be bunting (as we know I have shitloads of this) but hopefully will be a freaking cute dress here and there.

The year has gone pretty fast, so before it slips behind us, I thought I'd do a tally up and check in (for my own thoughts really) with where I'm at with it!

So, I started sewing 100 Things in March 2012 with the above dress for the Sew Weekly Mad Men themed week, I've as of today I've created:

33/100 Things!

I'm quite happy with this! I actually can't remember a lot so just going through the tag/archive:

This poor baby blanket I crocheted last year went through my hot wash in my machine (by mistake of course! I didn't remember I put it in there!) so is now felt-like... still good for sitting on if you're a baby!

This mustard scarf/larf/cowl/scoopy loopy thing, was just the favourite accessory since I made it early this year... I just adore the fabric (my keen fabric friend tells me it's silk of some sort) but it got beetroot stains all over it, and I couldn't clean it fast enough to get rid of them. ARGH!

Good news though, this rainbow blanket I made for Baby Darling has survived and is just gorgeous!

At 33/100 Things in the last 18 months, I guess I'm a third way through my gorgeous & Veronica Darling paced challenge!


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