Saturday, 19 October 2013

Little Things: Springtime Stories

Another group of Little Things that make me feel great:

* Westie Besties living so close to me, and having young children and partners and bumping into them at lovely cafes with dreamy coffee. Yes, I'm so lucky to have my dear friend Karen as a near enough neighbour.

* Getting my hair did again (champagne again, no more platinum.... champagne ONLY in drinks and hairs please!) and it being sunny and warm and our grass is just gorgeous for lying around on! (SEE PHOTOS ABOVE)

* Work spouses! (Did you know that if you have a bestie or two in the workplace, you'll be more productive?) I have several, but sometimes I'm confused as I might also be their work mummy as well... HMMM.

* Little one year old boys who walk around and are just darling! I see a few at playgroups, mothers groups and in my 'hood... but of course my little boy, who is officially a toddler as of this week (he can stand up without help or pulling himself up - usually tries downward facing dog and then stands up - ooh the stomach muscles!) is the toddler toddling to my heart. (GUSH ALERT)

* AND mostly, seeing my darling (now Sydneysider) bestie Amy for a weekend in fun Melbourne springtime, sun & showers and marvelling her petticoats and prettiness and tallness. Cannot wait for our holiday together in January! And maybe a surprise visit in December...


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