Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Mama Lyf: Return to Work Time

Well, I'm returning to work on Friday.

It's astonishing how fast the time goes, especially when you're counting some other little human's age by months. But I'm going to put a stop to that, and now he's 1. He'll just be a one year old for the whole year. I'm sorry 15 months, 18 months and 22 months, I'll not be remembering my boy by months any longer.

I'm really very practical about mothering right now, so returning to work feels more or less the same. It's just what can happen right now. I don't feel any different, I don't feel sad that's for sure. But seriously in April, May and even June this year, I didn't really feel it was time. Back then, I would have had my heart broken if I had to leave my Baby Darling, but this week because I work at the best place in the world (and I love my job & colleagues) my heart is still pumping with all the love and healthy amount of positiveness for my baby, my family & my career. What luck. Or maybe just what joy.

My plan is to work 2 days a week, while Husbie becomes the primary carer those days, but as he's a full time freelancer (with ad hoc hours, but he can sometimes choose/please himself) there are jobs in the future coming up for him on my work days... so we have a casual nanny on board. I'm extremely pleased with this situation and maybe that's why I'm not really feeling very emotional about it. I felt the same way about BD starting solids at 6 months, it's just something that happens... you give the child soft food to grab, he grabs it, he may gag as he has a very over exaggerated gag reflex, but he generally eats no problems. Practical stuff, human & science stuff. I could go on, I have loads of Practical Mama Philosophies for you, anytime.

What to WEAR?! I'm so wearing a dress! These photos are from my work at Splendour in the Grass two years ago. The one Kanye was at. I've got lots to catch up on when I get back to the radiosss!


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