Thursday, 17 October 2013

My First Real Pair of Handmade Leggings

Voila! I made LEGGINGS. And when you make leggings, you have to try and show them off at all angles:

 And now with various accessories, like with LONG cowl scarves and cardigans (and baby bunting backgrounds):

Through my sewing career, I've made perhaps 2 pair of leggings, one during Sew Weekly that were ok, but I didn't hem or do any waistband (just made it a really LONG hip section, so it was almost at my boobs)... and one pair before we went to the USA this year (that I haven't blogged) but I also avoided doing the elastic waistband by putting a fabric one on, but that didn't really work because I made them all out of purple ribbed fabric that wasn't really that nice. OH WELL.

THIS red & blue leopard print fabric however is amazing! I bought it at Clegs in the sales (impulse buy in the city as I was also rocking Baby Darling to sleep in the pram in the store) and I think it was about $20 a metre. AND, as I'm a short arse, I only needed a metre. There was also spare fabric to make some leggings for my toddler friend too (a friend's toddler, not BD because I already have some matchy stuff that we wear and I'm thinking I should tone it down a bit). (We often both wear purple and red together, or greys and greens or whatever... I just get a vibe and accidently dress us the same)

I was going to save the docket to remember what the fabric was called, as it's a synthetic something but very stretch and soft and feels a bit nicer than just poly-whatever. (?ARGH? still not so good on remember fabric names!) I did put elastic (by sewing a casing - folding the top of the waist down and sewing an inch casing, with a little whole to put the elastic through) and it fits fine around the waistband... even though I'm a little 'who cares' about what I look like, I did take a photo of my waist, and it's not that good. It's hard taking photos of yourself! My camera takes 3 self timed photos as once, so there's not that much in focus.

The pattern was a pair of H&M leggings (the stripey Beetlejuice ones) I bought in LA and wore a little too much (or the fabric wasn't meant to be worn that much) so before they totally went/stretched out, I cut them up, and used them to make these. So they're a perfect fit! But then, without thinking, I went and cut out a pair of baby leggings using the old H&M fabric (refashioning alert!) so I now don't have this uber awesome pattern anymore. OH WELL!

Hope you've been having a kickass legs in the air week too! YAY for resting at home and taking it easy during my days not at work (I have a dumb throat cold that's not budging)! LOVE being a mum and a working mum and a freaking legend.


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