Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Voila: Little Leggings to Match

With my leftover legging fabric, I made some more: just minature!

Christine from What's Up Cupcake asked if we were going to see the little ones, so here they are... and they're for my friend's little girl... she's 3 months older than my BD, but has been walking since 9 months old! WHO walks at 9 months? Some children apparently! Daredevils!

Of course, they're very similar to my leggings... but I used a pattern my friend from Mother's Group shared with me (too exciting knowing sewing people in real life!) and it probably took 20 minutes... it takes longer threading the elastic through the waist casing than it does cutting & sewing the whole thing! Don't be deceived, my little friend isn't super tall... I'm super short... so of course a 1 year old's trousers would be half my trousers in length. OF COURSE!

Hope you're having a lovely week so far! I'm cleaning my (neverending) sewing room - which has turned into a craft room (I'm a whizz at making baby birthday cards), a bookkeeping room (hello Husbie's business, I invoice everyone) and a storage room of all the nostalgic things in our house. Photos from 1995! YES! And lots, lots more.

I might need an extra coffee today!

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