Saturday, 5 October 2013

What I Wore: First Day Back at Work

I don't really do outfit posts, but when an old handmade frock looks this good after 2 years, I'm making an exception! Maybe I'll have to make it a nostalgia or memory lane type post?! Still being swamped with blog ideas and not enough time to write the posts!

My first day back at work was a gorgeous sunny spring day, the trees were blossomy and green leaved... And I felt only a little excited so not bad butterflies! You should know I adore my work and my colleagues so I felt like a minor celebrity all day. Even my friends at the office in Sydney made me feel so special and I felt like the biggest Positina Turner smiling all day, and catching up on work stories & happenings! Such fun! 

Baby Darling, of course, crossed my mind about 50 times, but not every second like I thought he would. Our Nanny texted me a photo of the sweetie on a swing around lunchtime so that made my day. It was amazing not carrying around 11 kilos and I (just as my friend predicted) totally enjoyed going to the bathroom by myself for the first time in forever!

And so, I love wearing this Lilly Pulitzer inspired dress post pregnancy, as it was a little loose when I made it in 2011, now it fits like a dream. As I've been reading up about FBA (in prep for Anna & other dresses), I've noticed the darts around the bust are a little out now with my fuller BF cup. But the bell sleeves are just so sweet. I've been thinking how this shape (top and bottom pieces, instead of a fill dress, with darts) is also a good one for me right now... Highlighting the waist with the seam and really accentuating the hourglass a lot more than a vertical darted front. I like it! Bring on the Anna dress pattern & Belladone, I reckon!

Outfit Stats:
* dress - Self sewn "Between Two Ferns" 1960s style dress (formerly two short curtains, thrifted!), 2011 during The Sew Weekly * shoes - Melissa from 2009 * hair - big 60s style a la Brigitte Bardot, from old pin curls * (thanks Franca for showing me a lovely layout for Outfit posts & stats, you are a sweetie & one of THE best!) 

Thanks to you all for such lovely comments this week! Loved hearing about your 'To Sew' Lists as well! Happy Weekend all of you! xoxo

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