Thursday, 21 November 2013

Non Stop Bunting Factory!

I can't stop making bunting! I guess it's the quickest, and easiest, sewing project for me right now!

Here's our garden playgroup this week, as BD's little friend turned 3 and his mama had a birthday the day before. I had to add a splash of bunting to the already gorgeous undercover area for their bdays!

All scraps of course... so this took 2 minutes to sew, with the overlocker the same as my tutorial (still proud I made a tutorial)... Whenever I've sewn or made a garment with woven fabric, I've cut the scraps into bunting flags JUST IN CASE a moment like this came along... and that moment came along before garden playgroup this week!

Hope you've been having a great week! BD and I have been cycling around in the warmer-warmish weather and loving life as usual. And I got my hair done again, champagne blond, so I'm loving myself sick today too.


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