Wednesday, 27 November 2013

What's Your Best Side?

Just mucking around today while my baby has an usual naptime of 4pm - 5.30pm (he's got 2 molars on the way - ouch) and remembering the time (yes, I'm old) when digital photography first came in, so we all started taking a million photos to finally find out our 'best side', and which poses suited our face sizes. Of course it took several years to finally get it right! Whatever did we do before digital photography (I always had my eyes closed, or I was looking around at everyone else in the photo instead of the camera)

Yes, this was before the selfies of instagram and probably around 2005 was my peak as I discovered 'Up and To the Side' (BELOW) instead of just 'To The Side' (ABOVE). You see I have a R-O-U-N-D face, and it was advised to me (LOL - we were drunk at the time, so can't remember who) that Up & To The Side was best for round faces... check out the angles:

The other best 'look' at the time (oh maybe it was 2006?) was 'Cooling The Soup' (BELOW) where you pretend you are blowing a bowl of soup cool... (see I'm holding an imaginary bowl of soup below, so you can see!) (LOL) and this was quite a good look too for me... as you can see, RIGHT? BUT, I actually prefer 'Up & To The Side' the best (so that's why you see that all the time in my Outfit Poses, yeh?). I've also heard 'Cooling The Soup' described as 'The Trout Pout' ala the Olsen Twins.

Ha ha!

Anyways, hi to you from me, the ever time poor blogger! This is my sewing room though, and it'll be spruced up soon (well, as soon as those little sewing room cleaning fairies swing by!) and as the electrician came this week to fix the lighting... I might even sew something soon. How awful does bad lighting make for sewing? I have had trouble sewing in this room since we've moved in (too dark for nighttime sewing) so hooray for finally getting better lights in here.

Hope you're having a great week!

Love Veronica "Up & To The Side" Darling.


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