Tuesday, 10 December 2013

10/31 A Little Boy Long Sleeve T

I'm sewing a lot lately, and documenting it each day because I haven't sewn much for 2 years, and really wanted to get a kick start at the busiest time of year because January has too many Lists and Things To Do for the New Year and stuff I'm not good at, because why be positive about stuff and your life at just one time of year? I like aiming for positive stuff all the time... and I'm so happy I'm zipping up all this stuff! I've needed a new wardrobe for a while!

Today it's a long sleeve top for Baby Darling, as we're going to Sydney tomorrow and it's hotter and sunnier than Melbs and this fabric is light and floppy (you've seen it already on the weekend) and I love that offcuts can make up a baby top.

For the pattern, I've used a cut up Baby Tshirt from the Op Shop and you've seen that pattern pop up a few times here before. Just made the sleeves a bit longer... I didn't bother hemming them or the shirt part, as it's kind of floppy fabric that'll curl up instead of shed it's threads... but I did the neckline quickly with a binding bit of the leftover fabric. So a metre of this nice cotton stuff makes a long sleeve tshirt for me and for BD!



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