Wednesday, 11 December 2013

11/31 Cowl Scarf

Yup, we're in 'easy sewing' mode now... as we're in Sydney for a bit, and I might casually take a break from the every day blogging if I can't get online. Actually, I will. *phew* that makes me feel a bit relaxed, as I'm writing this post on Tuesday night to schedule for Wednesday while we fly, and now I'm thinking about it realistically... why put myself through deadline sewing?

It's my kickstart sewing career, not anyone else's! Great, anyways, back to the cowl featured here, it's a bit of a LOL because I needed another winter cowl because it's still cold in Melbourne every other week, and the bad thing about a scarf like this is that food and things can get caught in the layers! I've hidden away lots of goodies and found stains galore later, so my good one has been in the wash a lot, and this one is a lovely good quality soft waffle knit that I bought from the fabric store, originally to make swaddle blankets for my baby... I didn't make ANY because we had so many lovely handmedowns!

So as you can see it's cosy. But the other LOL: I left the house the other week in this outfit, then it went really crispy and windy... that's how Melbs workjs... the weather just changes!

So then Husbie and I were in a rush so I hadn't packed a cardigan, and I was like - MY COWL CAN BE VERSATILE:


A Cocoon Cowl as well? FARSHUN?


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