Wednesday, 18 December 2013

12/31 Stars & Rocket Leggings

Hey again!

So my Sewing Through 31 Days of December Adventures are continuing, with my break in Sydney stopping the blogging for a bit... but not the sewing gosh darn goddammit.

These fabulous pants didn't take long to sew, they are stretch knit after all. Baby Darling was asleep & as usual I jumped onto the cutting table (our normal kitchen table at the moment, since the sewing room is such a mess/divey place) and cut cut cut. They're so quick to make up (using an old pair as a pattern), but I did make these pair after a disastrous pair (I'll blog soon the FAIL leggings) and I'm still not super happy with my instincts for fabric... you know when you WANT the fabric to work for a piece of clothing so badly, you ignore its qualities? I WANTED these to be the best pair of leggings, and did a bit of a stretch test to see they'd give enough... but they just don't give the way normal stretch leggings do. Maybe it's the two way stretch, what do you know Oh Wonderful Legging Making Friends? 

See the loosey flat bum I have with these:

And while they look sweet, I have to hike them up quite a bit (as I found today when I wore them all day). Oh well! I'm also wearing my fabulouso Floppy Top I made the other week:

Oh well. I'll refashion them for Baby Darling once I'm over pulling them up all the time.

BUT they are FABULOUS FABRICS from Adey my friend in Singapore! I love love love her and she's chosen well because my Husbie LOVES space and starships and rocketships and he couldn't believe his luck when I visited him at lunch. So thank you Adey! xoxo

 And here is an awkward sucking the gutz in photo:

Hope you're having a lovely week! I have a bit to blog about, so I'll see you again soon!


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