Sunday, 1 December 2013

1/31: Toddler Balloon Trousers!

Hi again! I cleaned my sewing room only for about half an hour (to re-arrange stuff while the electrician fitted some new lights) and now that I can *SEE* I've gone a bit sewing crazy. Like addicted again. I'm sitting here writing to you and I just wanna get sewing again, and that is like *CRAZY* because it's still very messy and I need to get stuff off the table as I'm cutting fabric out on the *FLOOR* and it's carpet, and not very neat at all. Did I mention I have *SEWING MOJO AKA SEWJO* steaming out my ears? Yup, so I'm going to be quick right now!

Here's a gorgeous pair of bubble trousers, harem pants, or nappy happy pants (they do come with many monikers) but I made them yesterday for a darling little in our Mothers' Group (Mother's Group? Not sure where the apostrophe goes for this one) who's darling Mama likes the look of Oishi-M pants... I'd never heard of them, so looked them up and then whipped these up in about an hour (inspired by, not exactly the same of course - theirs look way more sturdier)... mainly due to working out the ribbed waistband and how to attached it with wide elastic inside.

Linky Dinks that helped me along:

Oishi-M website - just CUTE and darling

7 different Harem Pants tutorials - some adult links there too

Free Toddler Harem Pants pattern

But the pattern I drew up was inspired by these Balloon Pants, so gorgeous! I love the onesie too!

All the fabric came from my stash! I've been keeping some thrifted knits handy for childrenswear and now I've got the perfect self drafted pattern! Yippee!

And it might be a big mistake, but I've just decided (in my addicted craze) that I'm going to post a new creation everyday. Of December. One sewing project a day. For the month of December. The busiest month of the year. WHUT?



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