Thursday, 19 December 2013

13/31 Children's Trousers Again

These trousers are just the best to make up... I made these earlier in the month - when I made the first balloon trousers - but didn't get a photo of them. These are for Baby Darling as he toddles around, and they were super light and floppy for him in Sydney last week.

It is S.O.V.E.R.Y.H.O.T today here in Melbourne. BeeDee and I have hot red cheeks and have been keeping our fluids up a lot. He's determined to play outside though, so I'm here typing while he's pushing a toy bus around under the verandah.

Gah! Can't think of anything else to write about these pants... they're a whiz to make up and if I have the time, I'll make a tutorial because they're almost as easy as my bunting tutorial! Just a little extra fiddle here and there with the cuffs and waistband! I'm going to make another few pairs as little presents!


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