Friday, 20 December 2013

14/31 Stuffed Up Leggings

So here's another Spotlight piece of fabric that was the last bit off the bolt, that I thought was super stretchy! BUT!

It's stretchy, but not enough for my little legs! So again, like my rocketships, it must be just one way stretch instead of up and down and across...

So they are SUPER tight. They look like second skin over the thighs... but look what else? A total fabric blemish, or missprint on the fabric:


Oh well, I'll refashion them into Baby Trousers and make them a lot looser for next time... if I can! Pity as they look cute enough, the pattern reminds me of space and maps...

I didn't even hem or waistband them, just tried them on for the photos....

Oh well, when you sew quickly sometimes there are mistakes... luckily this was cheapie fabric so not an expensive mistake!


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