Saturday, 21 December 2013

15/31 Refashioned Tshirt for the Toddler

I made a little toddler tshirt from my Mum's hand me down tshirt:

A refashion!

Mum bought a couple of tshirts recently from Target, and this blue stripey one was just a smidge too small... knowing I'm on a sewing saga, she left it on my machine and I had to turn it into a little boys shirt. It's lovely soft cotton stretch, so I kept the sleeve length and BeeDee can wear it when it's super sunny, and it'll be cool to wear but cover his little porcelain skin from getting burnt!

I cut the side seams of the bodice and the sleeves, and the sleeves at the shoulders/under arm bits, and then lopped off about 2 inches of the shoulders and just graded down the underarm bits of the bodice. Using the overlocker, I did the shoulder seams first (a bit dodgy below, but not really noticable on the boy) then re-attached the sleeves at the armholes (I did grade them down a bit on the shoulder making it a more toddler length) and then I finished by sewing the sides together from bodice to sleeves. 

I used the original sleeve hem, but made my own (dodgy) bodice hem... don't you hate stripes when it's hard to keep the topstitch even steven? I DON'T REALLY CARE, actually! No one will ever look this closely at my baby's hem... plus he'll only wear it for this summer as children grow!

I LOVE speed sewing for kids, so easy! xoxo

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