Sunday, 22 December 2013

16/31 A Sewing Fail of a Tshirt

URGH, I wanted a quickie tshirt for the warmer weather the other day here in Melbs... so I found some red stretch fabric, but I didn't really check its stretch... (you'd think I'd be aware of checking after the leggings mishap)... so cut, sewed the shoulder seams, added the bias neckline, sewed up the side seams and chucked it on.

UM, the fabric is RIBBED and therefore super wide now, everywhere:


Oh well, it's not bad for a stay at home mum look. A little Flashdance on the shoulders perhaps?!

It was a stay at home day for me anyways because of my rollers... hotter days helps set them quicker!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend! xoxo

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