Monday, 23 December 2013

17/31 Quick Refashion Leggings

After a bit of a bad run with sewing, I just quickly cut up my Stuffed Up Leggings and made some baby toddler pants for my friend, who is 18 months old.

Absolutely straight forward, I cut the vertical crotch out from my pants, made it a little smaller by re-sewing the crotch (when you cut the overlocked seam, you cut a bit of the fabric out) ... then I made a waistband of elastic, and sewed the casing closed around the elastic (a bit of a rush job really)... for the hems, I rather absent mindedly stitched the overlocked edges up on the inner leg there, because the material won't fray... just the seam might.

ABSENT MINDEDLY, because I'd just snuck into the sewing room after lots of champagne (but not too much) for the first time in ages. Mum and I are excited and getting ready for Christmas!

Are you getting excited/ready for Christmas? ARGH! There will be so much food & drink, I can't hardly wait!

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