Saturday, 28 December 2013

18/31 Happy Christmas to you (and Anna!)!

Happy Chrimbo to you!

How have you spent the week? Working? Not working? Travelling? Whatever, where-ever and however you celebrate, I'm hoping you have had a relaxing holiday time! Wishing you all the best for the rest of 2013, and if I don't see you again here, a Happy New Years!

We've been very busy this week! My parents are house sitting around the corner, and we've had lots of celebratory 'CHEERS' (Baby Darling can 'ker-chink' his water bottle with us now!) and cooked up lots of yummy meals and relaxed around the house dreaming of what to do next. My apron isn't made by me, unfort, it was a birthday gift from my brother & family as I'm pretty much a domestic goddess these days. (HAHA)

I started and finished By Hand London's Anna Dress earlier in the week, and I love it! First up, I drew up a Full Bust Adjustment for the front bodice piece, following their steps in the Sewalong Blog Posts (how HANDY are Sewalongs, even AFTER the fact?) and decided to make the V Neck version to suit my petite but larger bust torso. And for a toile/muslin trial, I used this red glitter fabric (some cotton/synthetic with stripes of tinsel through it) that I got from the op shop in Footscray for around $5. There was enough fabric for the full length skirt, but somehow when I cut the final pieces (there's a LOT of skirt sections) they were a bit short, so I made it tea length, kinda and we think it looks a bit 30s now.

Dad took my photo quickly on Christmas Day, and it was starting to get HOT at this point.

For a modern pattern, I really love how simple it is to sew up and follow! I can see why the Anna Dress has been sewn up so many times! There are just so many versions online! It's really flattering to all body shapes too, I reckon!

I followed a 10 UK for the waist, and probably could try the 8 next time with less that 5/8 seams, and as for the FBA of the front bodice... I might try without that next time. The front under bust darts are very adjustable (2 darts under each boob, so you can make them flair differently really to suit your bewbshape). You can see the extra gape on the neckline here, but also the shoulder seams are a bit low for my shoulder size... so next time I think I'll make an 8 in shoulders and waist but try my FBA again.

The OTHER thing I changed was the back bodice piece, I created deeper darts up the shoulder blades, and had to created a deeper zipper seam (thanks Mum who helped pin me up to get a better fit) up the spine... so another reason to try an 8 next time too... it was really gapey at the back before and now it's just ok. Oh, aren't our bodies all different shapes and sizes? YAY for that!

But I have NO problem making it up again, it's gorgeous! I think the bodice is my favourite, so will try with different skirt styles. Maybe even trousers!? I love the kimono sleeve, it reminds me of this vintage Butterick pattern, but with a nicer cap look to them, and way easier to sew than the old pattern.

My shoes are Melissa's, of COURSE, in case you're wondering! And I did keep the slit but might sew it up if this gets another wear. I'm taking it on holiday with us, but the synthetic fabric might not feel cool, as we're going tropical! HOT AND HUMID. I'll have to fill you in soon!

Again, wishing you a lovely holiday season, and all the best and big cuddles and love and kisses to you and yours. Husbie and I enjoyed Christmas so much more this year; spending so much time with our baby... he's just a delight.


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