Sunday, 29 December 2013

19/31 Placemats for Christmas

A simple sewing project, but so darling for the Christmas Table!

We set up an outside table for our Christmas Breakfast, Lunch & Tea (we don't have one set dinner, we make up several (!) small plates of food all day long on Christmas) and I quickly made some new placemats for us to dine with. I've never made them before as we are gifted so many over the years, but a new holiday season needs a few new touches and the other ones were a bit shabby and not in a shabby chic way. LOL.

The fabric I've had for a very long time... so long because I WON a voucher from a fabric shop on Myspace and bought this fabric probably in 2006? I know we lived in Sydney when it arrived. But I just didn't know what to sew with it. I adore the orange flowers, so they will be our placemats now. I made them reversible, but forgot to take a photo of the underside, but they're just small orange circles on a darker orange background.

Here's the DIY tutorial I followed, using thick & stiff interlining I had in the stash, and I was going to topstitch the edges, but instead made the iron super hot and pressed the edges flat enough and neat enough that they don't need topstitching after all.

Love that even my garden grew a few orange tinted roses for us to add to the table.


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  1. I was looking for a poem related blog post but this link popped out and mesmerized me. Your work is so cool, you are putting good effort. What I liked most is your fabric design, your color combination is just awesome. Actually I don't make comment on every blog post I visit but this is something really interesting.


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