Monday, 30 December 2013

20/31 Little Singlets for Summer

We are going to a wedding next week, and it'll be HOT! We'll have lots of casual hang out days as well, so I'm quickly making some light cotton things for Baby Darling to wear. 

This cotton stretch knit I bought at the Fabric Store in Sydney in 2009 and made 2 gorgeous dresses for friends then, one friend a darling work colleague and another friend, a darling bloggie friend from Chippendale! The fabric is absolutely gorgeous through, light and cool feeling, so the metre x 30 cm I had leftover was just enough for childrenswear! 

I had intended to topstitch the neck and armhole binding, but I kinda like the floppy look here with the unfinished edge.

I also had just enough to make two:

So Baby Darling's best bestie will get a singlet too! None for Doris Day the Dog though:

I'd love to get more of this light and cool knit stuff! No time for shopping though, when there's so little time for sewing and packing and working and finishing off 2013!


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