Monday, 2 December 2013

2/31 Practical Pram Sewing

Everynow and again, we just have to have practical sewing projects, right? Here's one that I'd been thinking about for a while (since the onslaught of BD eating real food, perhaps?)! Also, the fabric in our pram is a bit hot... and BD is quite a hot boy anyways... so it's probably better that he's lying on cottons instead of polyester blends (great for cleaning though, I guess).

So yes, it's a pram liner. A pram liner. YES. (please don't tell past-Veronica Darling what future-Veronica Darling is up now... it's B-O-R-I-N-G and 2 years ago I would have died if I'd known I was sewing this shizz).

But isn't it nice looking?

The top fabric is from the 'nice' section of Spotlight (AKA the quilty part) and I got it to make hats like the Oliver + S one. And the bottom fabric is from the 'cheap' section AKA the rolls of stuff they put near the checkout... and you grab the little bolt and discover that there's only a metre for $4 or something ridic, and the nice clerk gives you the rest of the bolt (that's an extra .5 a metre FREE) anyways.


Baby Darling loves strawberries, so very appropes.

Also the bias edging is from the stash (I seem to recall I got it in Sydney all those years ago, and obvs haven't done any bias binding with it!)... what I did was measure out the pram cushion underneath and cut 4 layers (the first middle fabric is an old offcut from the Hospital Blanket Laurel dress for comfort and as it's cotton, I thought it'd be a cooler fabric for him and the second piece is that stiff fabric, what's it called? Not underlay... um... shit am I going to have to google it? It's interlining! The non fusible kind because Spotlight in the country is shit for extras like interlining and underlining)... so pretty much a big rectangle but with a curved top... then I did a little bit of crazy topstitch/quilting pretend sewing. You know when you just sew crazy lines all over interlining and the blanket fabric and it looks great (not really) but you're covering it up anyways with the two pretty outer layers of fabric!

I didn't do anything crafty in sewing the 4 layers together, just stitched the edges, then attached the binding to one side, but I decided to take the time and handstitch the other side, and it looks GREAT!

Did some fancy pretend button holes thingies for the straps (a really tight zig zag stitch becomes an 'edge' stitch type thing), and then cut a T out of the bottom so that the bottom 'through the legs' strap could fit:


So we all decided practical sewing is GOOD sewing, because you really use the things you sew everyday! YES!


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