Tuesday, 3 December 2013

3/31 More Toddler Trousers

Well, haha, I've managed to post 3/31 creations... because aren't I just fun and like to create a sticky challenge for myself at a sticky time of year when I should be doing other things! So, haha, I'm making heaps of stuff because I'm addicted to sewing again (after cleaning my room only a bit - it's still a freaking mess) and want to post ONE thing for every day in December.

Ha Ha.

Ok, well better post this and then continue sewing! ARGH.

Another pair of harem pants! These are more inspired on the Oishi M pants because of that cutie little back/bum panel. And yes, that's the iron mark (now gone after another iron) on the top photo! DUR.

I made them exactly the same as this pair (with my own self drafted pattern piece - basically a large/wide legged 'A') and used the same ribbed red scraps from my stash to finish off the cuffs and waistband. Very cute! This pair was also a gift to our friend Harvey. CUTE!


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