Thursday, 5 December 2013

5/31 Kilt Shorts

Testing some woven fabric now for these toddler balloon pants! The original pattern that inspired these were this lovely blog and this tartan remnant works beautifully! I used parts of a ribbed dress I made (that just didn't look good) ages ago as the cuffs and waistband, and there's a thick elastic inside the waistband too... 

The fabric has come from a wonderful friend of mine; her mother was moving house and they invited Baby Darling and myself round to see if anything would be useful! I've taken some photos of all the lovely fabric & patterns they shared with us, and some gorgeous books as well, so you'll see more of my 'new' old stash soon!

I stitched these all up very quickly, checked them on our toddler BUT they couldn't fit over his thighs! I'd sewn them without any gathers in the woven fabric... so I cut off about an inch or two from the waistband (luckily the 'balloon drop crotch' bit was massive) and re-attached the waistband... that's why it's a bit rough on the insides. 

But pretty cute for toddler shorts!

They look more like this when they're on:

I'm loving this self drafting week of sewing! 5 outta 5 things have been self drafted DIY style! I'm amazed I can still remember how to put stuff together! I've cut another dress already, and have a DIY baby carrier in mind too. I'd like to make a pair of these toddler trousers for my nephew as well for Christmas... what else? I can't sit still this week, so I better hop to it!


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