Friday, 6 December 2013

6/31 Floral Velvety Leggings

Earlier in October I made leggings, and they are just the best. They were even mistaken for Black Milk leggings (I've just heard of this brand recently, but now realise all the leggings I've actually loved on girls legs - who I see around and crush on - were from this Queensland based company), so I'm stoked with the fit and the different fabric.

But it's hard to find different stretch fabric...

Until you get invited around to a friend's mum's place for a cuppa tea and a "Would you like to take all my vintage patterns and fabric?". YES PLEASE. This piece of velour stretch (I'm assuming they're velour, they stretch well and didn't all fall apart when I cut them... velvet tends to to that I think) was the perfect remnant (I always can buy just a metre usually for leggings because I'm tres petite) ... and creates an unusual pattern around and down my legs:

Voila! Love my new handmade leggings! 

The pattern is again just an old pair cut up, and then laid out on the fabric, I attached thick waistband elastic and then just folded it over to create a casing (like someone suggested last time I took forever to thread elastic through) and then stitched it shut. Easy! 

Another DIY pattern for this week! Happy Friday to you all and thanks for reading my blog this week!


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