Saturday, 7 December 2013

7/31 Hair Scrunchie


I made a scrunchie for our staff Christmas Party, it was a 'Touch of 80s' because why not? But my friend and I couldn't stop at a 'touch' ... it's all out 80s. We both wore vintage 80s outfits... mine is an original 80s masterpiece of a taffeta and lace combo... a gift from over 10 years ago now, from someone who knew I'd have somewhere to wear it to one day. And last night was the night.

A scrunchie is very easy to make, elastic and a scrap strip of fabric that's way longer than the elastic, so the fabric all scrunches up and immediately turns you into a Prom Queen of the Staff Christmas Party. That's how we saw ourselves last night anyways.

I was too young (just) to wear this kind of thing at any time of my life. But my workie friend Damon was too young to know any of the song requests that came through as we DJ-ed the party. Yes, I DJ now (with Spotify only!) but not very well.

Please let me know if hair scrunchies are back in fash as I'll make you one!

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